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Welcome to the East Bay Chapter of Amigos de las Américas; Bienvenidos a East Bay Amigos

The East Bay Chapter of Amigos de las Americas is currently recruiting the next cohort of volunteers for the Summer of 2015! 

Please visit the Be a Volunteer page for more information. If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Director, Brittany Gabel, by emailing her at or calling at 530-713-3764. 


This summer our volunteers will be living with a host families though out Latin America.  They will be leading service projects developed in consultation with the local residents, and which are intended to benefit the people and community and provide valuable educational experiences for our volunteers.  The projects include things like health and hygiene programs for kids, and environmental and nutritional programs. 

View Amigos video; Mire el video de Amigos 

The East Bay Chapter of Amigos de las Americas prepares teens and young adults from Alameda and Contra Costa counties for full-immersion cultural exchange and community service projects in Latin America.


Each summer Amigos volunteers spend five to eight weeks during the summer living in a host community and completing youth leadership and health education projects. AMIGOS currently sends volunteers to live and work in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Paraguay. Our projects give young leaders the opportunity to explore their potential and rise to the challenge of independently managing responsibility within a multicultural setting. We believe that young people have the power and ability to change our world for the better! Amigos volunteers are given the opportunity to experience how one summer can change lives.   

East Bay Volunteer in Panama

AMIGOS is an international nonprofit organization founded in 1965. Through AMIGOS, thousands of young people have learned about new cultures and traditions, leadership in community service, and have strengthened their language skills through a unique immersion experience. Life-long friendships and bonds have been built between AMIGOS volunteers and the people and places of their adopted communities. The adventure and experience of a lifetime awaits…


More information; Mas informacion:

National website for Amigos de las Américas


En Espanol... 

AMIGOS es una organización internacional sin fines de lucro fundada en Houston en 1965. Ofrece a los jóvenes oportunidades de liderazgo y de servicio a la comunidad incomparables, a la vez que contribuye al bienestar general de cientos de comunidades del continente americano. Con el apoyo de una sólida red de organizaciones panamericanas, estudiantes secundarios y universitarios de orígenes diversos trabajan exitosamente con comunidades locales y organismos asociados para tratar las cuestiones prioritarias de salud y educación.

Los voluntarios de AMIGOS se involucran en las vidas de las comunidades locales y verdaderamente experimentan el trabajo de desarrollo colaborativo. En el transcurso de sus 40 años de historia, más de 20.000 voluntarios de AMIGOS se comprometieron a largo plazo con el servicio a la comunidad, a la vez que fortalecieron el entendimiento y las amistades interculturales en el continente americano.